Friday, 13 March 2015

She shall have a dishy

Today I am sharing how to make these fun clay dishes. They would make a lovely addition to your home or great as a personalised gift.

You will need:  White clay 
                                   A plastic bowl 
                Letter stamps 
                                  Tester emulsion pots of your chosen paint colour.

Links to the products I purchased are at the bottom of post. 

I purchased this clay from the works,I made about ten dishes from this size packet.

You first need to roll out your clay,I divided mine into four sections to make it more manageable and to avoid it drying out.

Put your bowl on the clay(the bowl I used was 13cm in diameter) and either push it down or cut around with a knife.If you are left with a bit of a messy edge, I suggest trimming with scissors and rubbing gently with your finger to smooth out.

You then need to select the wording for your dish.
When you are happy with the way your clay circle looks,gently push it down into your bowl. Leave to dry for approximately two days.

Now for the best bit .... 
As I may have mentioned before,I am very impatient so after one and a half days of itching to get my paints out, I resorted to putting them on the log burner to dry faster - I do not advise this as they could crack.

As I am yearning for the spring,I chose a pallet of pastel shades.I left the area of wording free of paint for two reasons:
Giving more emphasise on the wording
The indentation of the wording can get clogged up with paint,looking messy.

Finally you can pop a layer of varnish on if you wish to give them a glossy finish.

I would love to see some pics if you have a go #mabelandmaymakes

Plastic letter stamps:


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